In from 2009-2012, a total of 103 Chinese men undergoing circumcision for health benefits like a reduced risk in contracting HIV were recruited to undergo evaluation in sexual function and sexual satisfaction for themselves and their partners (satisfaction rated on a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the highest level of satisfaction) before undergoing circumcision, then an average of 19.1 months after circumcision [1]. All men were circumcised using the Shang Ring device. The pre circumcision survey asked about marriage status, frequency of intercourse, satisfaction with their sex lives, and self reported time to ejaculation (using a stopwatch). The participants were given a Brief Male Sexual Function Inventory which evaluates men’s sexual function. All men were available for their follow up survey on their circumcision, but 4.3% of men were not included in the follow-up survey since they had not had sex since their circumcision. The study found that men had intercourse an average of 6 times before circumcision and 8 times after circumcision at the time of the follow-up survey. The average pre circumcision score of men’s self reported sexual satisfaction was 7, and the average post circumcision score of sexual satisfaction was 7.5. The men’s self reported scores for sexual satisfaction for their partners pre circumcision was 7 and the men’s self reported sexual satisfaction scores for their partners post circumcision was 8.  There was no statistical difference in the time to ejaculation postoperative compared to preoperative. The men were then asked to rate their satisfaction with their circumcision on a scale of 1 to 10 (1 being very dissatisfied and 10 being very satisfied). The range of scores given 5 to 10 with the mean score being 8.

The findings in this study are supported by the CDC’s own findings on circumcisions effect on sexual pleasure, that few men report a decrease in sexual pleasure after circumcision and there is a general trend toward an increase in sexual pleasure after circumcision [8].cdc

The findings in this study are also supported by the 2007 World Health Organization and UNAIDS  own findings on circumcisions effect on sexual pleasure, stating “Although it has been argued that sexual function may diminish following circumcision due to the removal of the nerve endings and subsequent thickening of the epithelium of the glans, there is little evidence of this”[3].

Again, the findings in this study are also supported by the 2012 American Academy of Pediatrics own findings on circumcisions effect on sexual pleasure, stating “The literature review does not support the belief that male circumcision adversely affects penile sexual function or sensitivity, or sexual satisfaction, regardless of how these factors are defined”[7].

These findings are also supported by: a 2016 systematic review conducted by Danish researchers that found grade A evidence that circumcision in fact increases penile sensitivity and rejected the hypothesis that circumcised men experience inferior sexual function [4], a 2013 systematic review conducted by Australian researchers which found that studies that were rated as high quality from the Scottish Intercollegiate Guidelines Network gave indicate circumcision does not negatively impact sexual function, sexual sensitivity, sexual sensation or sexual satisfaction [5], and a 2013  meta-analysis and systematic review conducted by Chinese researchers which found circumcision in unlikely to have an adverse effect on sexual function [6].


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