Circumcision and Sex

Studying the effects of circumcision from scientific publications on circumcision. Investigates everything from sexual pleasure and circumcision, benifits of circumcision, risks of circumcision, and circumcision rates.


Welcome to my website. What it is about should be obvious… If there is anything to take away from this website it is these two things:

1)      Almost all website on the subject of circumcision are run by a small subset of gay/bisexual men who fetishize the circumcision status of other men and have no background in biology or medicine. In light of this, information on this subject really should not come from online sources, but from the three most reputable health organizations in the world (all of which have guidelines on circumcision) the World Health Organization (WHO) [1], the Center of Disease Control (CDC) [2], and the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) [3].

2)      There is a large portion of the world’s men who are naturally circumcised. 23% of uncircumcised Chinese men have foreskin shortened to the  point of where the glands of their penis are completely exposed when flaccid, and another 18% of Chinese men have foreskin that covers some of the glands (but less than half) of their penis when flaccid [4,5]. Being naturally circumcised is a trait common throughout China and non-circumcising countries in South East Asia. A trait so common to a population strongly indicated that there is no or very little negative side effects to circumcision. This subject it talked about more in this post of mine:

[1] World Health Organization and UNIADS: New Data on Male Circumcision and HIV Prevention: Policy and Programme Implications

[2] CDC: Male Circumcision

[3] The American Academy of Pediatrics 2012 guidelines on Male Circumcision

[4] Foreskin Length of uncircumcised Chinese Men. The name of the study is: Redundant Prepuce increases the Odds of Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome. (The foreskin length of the general Chinese population are given as the control group in ‘table 3’ which is the 4th figure in the study. The table is labeled ‘OR for CP/CPPS with respect to foreskin length’).

[5] Foreskin Length of Uncircumcised Chinese Men. The name of the study is: Acceptably of Voluntary Male Medical Circumcision (VMMC) Among Male Sexual Transmitted Disease Patients in China. (The study measures foreskin length of STD patients, so as expected the average length is longer then the general Chinese population. The foreskin lengths are given in the first figure/table of the study. The table is labeled ‘Background Characteristics of the Respondents).